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Actors Company of Tulsa

Actors Company of Tulsa is a Tulsa-based actor managed theatre company with a commitment to education through the production of theatrical performances, the establshment of a training center for the theatre artist and a partnership with the community to increase the city of Tulsa's involvement in the performing arts.

Nightingale Theater

The Nightingale Theater is an affordable, alternative venue available to local and touring companies. Since February 2000, the theater has been host to over 275 individual theatrical events, with more than 750 actual performance dates; that averages to over 100 performances per calendar year, making us one of the busiest stages in the region. We are booking our calendar months in advance with companies such as Theatre Club, Thunder Road Theatre Company, Evandrake Productions, SuperOVUM Improv, Living Arts New Genre Festival, and, of course, both Midwestern Theater Troupe and Nightingale Theater Productions.

Performing Arts Center

To use the therapeutic tools of Yoga to serve our clients' unique needs and goals, thereby supporting the client with a safe and appropriate level of Yoga practice in which to expand their full potential to heal and grow. We offer private sessions, classes, workshops and various massage modalities.

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