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Chiropractic/Spinal Care/Palmer Method

Brooks Spinal Care

Spinal Care: Correction and Stability of spinal misalignments to provide relief and recovery from spinal and spine related conditions without drugs or surgery in a patient centered environment. Using the NUCCA procedure which can often help conditions for which other spinal procedures have been ineffective.

Christine Coglizer D.C

Upper Cervical Care

Hunt Spinal Care

Gentle, safe, effective health care for the entire family. We use upper cervical and craniosacral techniques to correct and help maintain your overall health. Our goal is to add years to life and life to years.

Marshall Spinal Care

Upper Cervical Care is a gentle yet effective chiropractic procedure that focuses on the correction of spinal misalignment without surgery. The doctors of Marshall Spinal Care utilizes a hand adjusting procedure to gently correct spinal misalignments, placing great importance on the correction of the misalignment of the entire spine, skull & pelvis.

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