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Community Gardens

According to the ACGA (American Community Gardening Association), a community garden is any piece of land gardened by a group of people.  The individual, social, environmental and economic benefits of community gardening are incredible. Among the benefits listed on the ACGA website are stimulating social interaction, beautifying neighborhoods, conserving resources and preserving green space.  See the ACGA website for additional information on how creating community gardens improves our communities, www.communitygarden.org, and for additional resources (drop down the button marked “Store”).

U.S. cities reaping the benefits of successful community garden programs include Harlem (www.harlemgardeners.org), San Francisco (www.sfgro.org), Philadelphia (www.ngalandtrust.org), Chicago (www.greennetchicago.org), and Portland (www.portlandonline.com).

Tulsa has a community gardening ordinance which can be reviewed at http://tulsacga.org/ordinance.pdf

Tulsa neighborhoods or organizations already sowing gardens include:
Brady Heights (www.bradyheights.org/news/2007July4.pdf)
Newsome Farms (www.newsomecommunityfarms.org)
Global Gardens (www.global-gardens.org)
Kendall Whittier's GROW garden (www.tulsacga.org/kendall-whittier-grow.html)
Neighbors Along the Line (www.neighborsalongtheline.org)
First Seventh Day Adventist Church (www.tulsasda.org)
Brookside's BEST garden (www.neighborhoodtulsa.com/brookside)
Crosbie Heights (www.crosbieheights.org)
O'Brien Park (www.parks.tulsacounty.org/Obrien.aspx)
Alcott school (www.tulsaschools.org/profiles/Alcott.pdf)

www.tulsacga.org is the website for the Tulsa Community Garden Association.  Check here often for updates regarding location and contact information for community gardens and for association meeting dates.

To learn more about the importance of outdoor activities for the healthy development of children, go to www.education.com/magazine/article/Nature_Deficit.

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