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Helpful Links

www.tulsagreendirectory.com (a directory of green businesses in the Tulsa area)

www.greenforall.org (taking a stand for both people and the planet by linking climate issues to social equity)

www.oksustainability.org (a resource for the improvement of Oklahoma's economy, ecology and equity)

www.sustainablegreencountry.org (advocates for sustainably-grown local food, clean air, greening public buildings, and energy stewardship for Northeast Oklahoma)

www.green-living.com (earth-friendly goods for the home)

www.envirogadget.com (list and review of enviro-friendly products)

www.earth911.com (info on recycling)

www.worldchanging.com (global network of independent journalists, designers and thinkers)

www.oklahoma.sierraclub.org (environmental advocacy)

www.greenwashingindex.com (uncovers companies that talk the talk but don’t walk the walk)

www.dailyecotips.com (more green tips than you ever thought possible!)

www.carbondiet.org (login and track your carbon footprint)

www.zerofootprint.net. (another carbon footprint site)

http://www.edf.org/home.cfm (partners with others seeking practical environmental solutions -- includes a nifty way to find the environmental impact of paper use choices, www.edf.org/papercalculator.

www.gogreentube.com (a You Tube like website that features environmental and “green” videos)

www.meetingsnet.com (everything you need to know about green meetings)

www.nature.org (website of the Nature Conservancy, this site has it all, plus really great pictures)

www.thegreenguide.com (owned and operated by the National Geographic Society, this online magazine features green living tips, product reviews and environmental health news – optional sign up for free monthly e-news)

http://www.partselect.ca/resources/Teaching-Kids-About-Water-Conservation.aspx (teaching children about water quality issues)

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