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Socially Responsible Investing

Socially responsible investing (also called mission investing, responsible investing, ethical investing, sustainable investing or green investing) refers to investment strategies that consider social good along with financial return. SR investors hope that the power behind their investment dollars will encourage corporate responsibility, support companies that contribute to sustainable society, and assist lower income communities. For more information about this kind of portfolio, visit www.socialinvest.org, www.socialfunds.com, www.sustainableinvesting.net and www.greenmoneyjournal.com.

Tulsa financial planning specialist Jane Mudgett at Smith Barney defines socially responsible investments as stock and bond investments in companies that promote human dignity, enrich the natural environment, encourage a more sustainable world, have positive social and governance performance, and meet their financial objectives. She notes that two companies that are committed to SR investing are Domini Social Investments and The Calvert Group. For more local advice about socially responsible and alternative energy investments, visit Mudgett’s website at http://fa.smithbarney.com/janemudgett/.

For social investment with a more spiritual return, also consider donations to FINCA (Foundation for International Community Assistance), a resource for small loans to women entrepreneurs in low-income countries. See www.villagebanking.com for more information; or locally, http://allsoulschurch.org/village-banking.

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